Green AM

We are manufacturer of ECO POS and other advertising aplications made in 3D printing technology, using biodegradable, green materials. Our products break the pure-plastic standards and bring new quality.

We carry out orders for advertising materials, POS materials, production of advertising gadgets, occasional and everyday items. We also make prototype end-use or industrial applications. At work, we use 3D printers based on FFF technology and ecological materials - biodegradable or recycled. Filaments from which we make 3D prints are also based on natural raw materials such as wheat bran or wood.

We 3D print ready-made projects provided by Clients or create them from scratch. Our team of designers has extensive experience in designing various types of applications - from industrial parts, through elements of everyday use, to design objects.

Our machine park includes over 40 3D printers - most of them have been significantly modified, upgraded and adapted to work with composite filaments using the aforementioned natural raw materials. The maximum production area is over 30 cm in XYZ axes, which allows for the production of large - as for additive technologies - applications. At the same time, we can fulfill orders with hundreds - thousands of parts, depending on their target size and geometry.

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