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We develop innovative solutions for the additive manufacturing, based on natural materials. Our goal is to implement the zero-waste ideas into 3D printing and create new eco-friendly standards in the creation of everyday items.

GREENFILL3D is the company operating on the edge of three areas:

  • processing of eco-friendly theromoplastics, based on biodegradable or recycled materials, doped with natural components (e.g. wheat bran)
  • additive manufacturing with the use of the above-mentioned materials
  • design and production of own decoration & interior.

Our goal is to find ecological alternatives to popular plastics, the specificity and physico-chemical properties of which make them extremely difficult or impossible to dispose of - and, consequently, will remain with us forever. We are looking for solutions that will either result in the development of real and usable alternatives to high-performance plastics commonly used in industrial manufacturing, or the use of used plastics and putting them back into use.

We make 3D printing eco-friendly. But for real.

The GREENFILL3D team originates from polish company - CD3D, operating in the area of additive manufacturing since january 2013. Over the years, we have gained knowledge and competence in each additive manufacturing technology - we know everything about the production methods and materials used. Based on our knowledge and experience, we understood that the direction in which the 3D printing industry is going is not necessarily convergent with the ideas of ecology and the circular economy.

The direction of the development of materials for 3D printing is towards replacing metal alloys used in various sectors of the industry with plastics that are just as (or more) durable and at the same time lighter than metal applications. Unfortunately, to achieve this, the chemical compositions of new materials are consequently 'everlasting' and will remain on Earth forever. In pursuit of the best possible alternatives, the manufacturers of these materials ignore the aspect of ecology and more or less consciously increase the pollution of the planet with non-sustainable waste.

We want to change that.

We set ourselves three goals:

  • we are developing materials that will be a reasonable compromise between durability and biodegradability
  • we are looking for an applications where it will be possible to use recyclates, and their possible weaker physical and chemical properties will not be a significant problem
  • we inform about the latest trends in industrial production based on modern, green materials.

It's not an easy task, and we know we'll be confronted with the resistance of various wealthy interest groups. But in the end, we know someone has to step up and do the right thing. We are willing to do that.

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