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GREENFILL3D is operating in the field of Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) and ecology. At work, we use 3D printers and environmentally friendly bioplastics based on renewable natural raw materials that are biodegradable or compostable at home. Our goal is to create sustainable products that, in addition to their functional features, have a positive impact on the natural environment at every stage of their life cycle.

We invent, design and manufacture our own products as well as support Clients in the development of their projects. Our competences cover all areas of additive manufacturing – from fully optimized design, through the selection of appropriate materials, to fast and profitable production. We are not a “typical service company”, but a manufacturer of sustainable products operating in various sectors and industries. Our products are grouped into several sections – brands under which we offer them to end customers.

Discover our brands:

Eco products for luxurious interiors. Product portfolio includes: ECO Lamp shades, luxury furniture, tools and accessories for interior finishing industry, protective frames for electric switches and sockets and many more.

Clever solutions for professional photographers. Set of tools and gadgets used in photo studios and during sessions – wall mounting systems for hanging photographic lampshades or tripods and many more.

An easy-to-install and transport-friendly system of advertising stands (POS). Designed to be made on 3D printers from biodegradable or compostable bioplastics. The first ECO POS was made of wheat bran-based material, which was a waste from pasta production.

A collection of pet urns and memorials made of biodegradable or compostable eco-materials. They combine high style and quality with sustainability.

Painting vases intended for artists, visual artists, hobbyists and amateurs looking for innovative tools to develop their work. Vases can be covered with any artistic-grade paints for applying to plastics.

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Our goals

The main problem that GREENFILL3D intends to solve is the growing demand of companies for ecological materials, consistent with the assumptions of “green marketing” and the “zero waste” concept. We are also trying to solve the issue of broken supply chains, caused first by the C19 pandemic and later by subsequent armed conflicts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Our solution is 3D printing (AM) – a manufacturing method that allows for the quick and relatively cheap production of products and parts. Its advantage is also the ability to use distributed manufacturing at the point of use of the product, which solves the problem of supply and increasing the carbon footprint. 3D printing (AM) also allows for easy adaptation of innovative materials – in particular bioplastics that are biodegradable or compostable at home.

All this allows us to invent, design and produce a completely new group of products that are impossible or extremely difficult to produce using traditional manufacturing methods.

Our Story

Over a decade of experience in 3D printing

We have been associated with 3D printing for over a decade. Our beginnings date back to January 2013, when we founded the largest Internet portal about additive manufacturing in Poland – 3D Printing Center (“Centrum Druku 3D“). Today, it is the third longest operating portal in Europe and the fifth in the world. For over 10 years, we have been training in 3D printing and implementing 3D printers in companies, schools and universities. We have competences in every additive manufacturing technology: FDM/FFF, SLA/DLP, PolyJet, SLS/MJF, PBF/SLM/DMP/DMLS, BinderJetting and bioprinting. We have also great experience in creating and developing materials for 3D printing.

3D Printing Center (2013-2024)

3D Printing Center is the largest and longest-operating news portal dedicated to additive manufacturing in Poland. Operating since January 2013, it is the third longest operating medium of this type in Europe and the fifth in the world. 3D Printing Center had a key impact on the development of the 3D printing market in Poland and the popularization of AM among institutional and individual users. In the years 2014-2019, the portal ran the world’s first plebiscite of the best companies and products in the 3D printing sector in the world.

SKAFFOSYS Bioprinter (2018-2020)

In 2018, CD3D – the company behind 3D Printing Center, created SKAFFOSYS – the first Polish commercial bioprinter. The machines were part of the Open Bioprinting Cluster launched in 2019 at the Molecular and Nanostructural Biophysics Laboratory at Bionanopark in Poland. CD3D also created its own hydrogel material and conducted advanced work on its own bioprinting software. The project was suspended and ultimately closed due to the C19 pandemic and related lockdowns.

GREENFILL3D (since 2021)

At the beginning of 2021, the MASPEX Group – the largest Polish food manufacturer, contacted CD3D with the need to create a new type of advertising stand (POS) based on food waste. CD3D lunched the GREENFILL3D company, which created a 3D printing filament using wheat bran, a by-product of pasta production. The filament was used to create original ECO POS – innovative advertising stands made of 3D printers. GREENFILL3D has over time become a key company specializing in the production of a whole range of proprietary eco-products based on bioplastics.

COLORISED (since 2023)

Due to the growing portfolio of very diversified products, in January 2023, GREENFILL3D created the COLORISED brand, which specializes in products from the interior finishing and lighting sector. The product portfolio includes, among others: ECO Lamps, protective frames for light switches and electrical sockets, tools and accessories for installing stretch ceilings and home decor accessories.

COLORISED.photo (since 2024)

COLORISED.photo is the latest GREENFILL3D project, which develops an original line of “clever” accessories for photographers and photo studios.

A brief overview of our history:

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