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ECO Lamps is an original line of lamp shades developed by GREENFILL3D under COLORISED brand, dedicated to providing ecological solutions for luxurious interiors. Our ECO Lamp shades offer not only unique shapes and colors found nowhere else, but also the materials from which they are made, based on natural raw materials such as potato starch or wheat bran.

All of the lamps we offer are fully biodegradable under industrial conditions or compostable at home. These products are entirely made in Poland, and in their production we use only certified bioplastics produced by Polish companies, which are leaders in the plastic processing market in Europe. To emphasize their Polish pedigree, we use Esperanto language, created in 1887, in naming ECO Lamp. by Ludwik Zamenhof, an ophthalmologist of Jewish descent who was nominated eight times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

ECO Lamps are divided into three collections made of three different types of ecological materials:

ECO Lamps

Brilanta Brano

Wheat bran
ECO Lamps

Kompoŝtebla Amelo

Potato starch
ECO Lamps

Kolora Spektro


Brilanta Brano – wheat bran lampshades:

ECO Lamps from the Brilanta Brano collection are made of the only material in the world based on wheat bran. The wheat bran used in the material is a production waste from the pasta-making process.

The material is a composite of wheat bran, polylactide (a bioplastic made from corn starch) and other fully biodegradable ingredients, which together give the material its unique properties. Once manufactured, ECO lamp shades are resilient and somewhat flexible (depending on the thickness of the wall), which makes them quite difficult to break. A large share of these properties is due to the fibrous structure of wheat bran, which provides the aforementioned resilience on the one hand, and the unique roughness of the surface on the other.

Moreover, during the manufacturing process, the material has a smell of baked bread, which lingers on the finished lamp shades for some time.

Kompoŝtebla Amelo – compostable lampshades:

ECO Lamps from the Kompoŝtebla Amelo collection are made of a patented and certified, fully compostable material based on thermoplastic starch, the raw material of which is potatoes. Our ECO Lamp shades offer amazing shapes and colors that will illuminate the room with a beautiful, warm glow, and at the same time they are truly ecological – after a period of use, they can be thrown into home composters or buried in the soil, thanks to which they will completely decompose. THIS IS NOT PLA (based on sugar cane or corn starch), WHICH IS BIODEGRADABLE ONLY IN INDUSTRIAL CONDITIONS!

The material from which the lamp shades for ECO Kompoŝtebla Amelo lamps are produced was developed by the largest chemical company in Poland – Grupa Azoty S.A. The company was founded in 1927 as one of the most modern factories in Europe at that time. Today, the Azoty Group is a major producer of fertilizers, plastics, chemicals, oxo alcohols and pigments. For several years, it has been developing its own line of 3D printer materials, which includes technical and high-performance filaments, as well as fully biodegradable and compostable ones based on the aforementioned thermoplastic starch. These materials dissolve in water or naturally compost in the soil, leaving no harmful substances.

Thermoplastic starch is produced from raw materials certified according to EN 13432 for industrial composting. The raw materials are certified by TÜV Austria for composting under certain conditions of storage, temperature and humidity. Composting organic waste prevents it from being landfilled or incinerated. Composting is a biological process in which organic waste is broken down by microorganisms into carbon dioxide, water and humus – soil nutrients.

Potato starch, from which ECO Lamp lampshades are made, has a phenomenal, pearly color by default, which, when illuminated, resembles milky glass. At the same time, ECO Lamp’s manufacturing technology makes it possible to create geometries impossible with glass molding, as well as with any other traditional manufacturing technique. At the same time, potato starch is perfect for dyeing, creating interesting lighting effects when the light is turned on. The dyes used in the material are intended for contact with food.

Kolora Spektro – a feast of colors:

ECO Lamps from the Kolora Spektro collection are made of a popular biomaterial based on corn starch (polylactide). The material comes in a very rich and varied color palette of nearly 200 variations (different colors, different additives, different finishing effects).

The material used in the production of lamp shades for ECO Lamps in the Kolora Spektro collection is fully biodegradable and compostable in industrial conditions, specified by the EN 13432 standard. Biobase comes from non-GMO (genetically modified) sources. Polylactide also meets the conditions for contact with food (which is of secondary importance in the case of ECO Lamp lampshades). The only exception in the offer is the Brilata Brilo lampshade, which is made of modified polyester (ethylene terephthalate) subjected to the glycolization process. It is an amorphous polymer with good optical properties, high gloss and translucency. Unfortunately, it is not biodegradable, but it can be recycled.

The Kolora Spektro Collection covers a small part of the possibilities offered by materials based on cornstarch. It is possible to create ECO lamp shades using:

  • one of more than 100 available colors, including shiny metallic colors (gold, silver, steel, aluminum, copper, etc.).
  • more than a dozen colors doped with glitter
  • more than a dozen variants with a tonal transition / gradient (“rainbow” effect)
  • more than a dozen variants that are a mixture of two colors (the “magic” effect)
  • special material properties (e.g., antibacterial and antifungal).

If you are looking for more technical information, are interested in purchasing or commercial cooperation, or would like us to create something similar for you – contact us.
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