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COLORISED is a brand created by GREENFILL3D, dedicated to broadly understood interior finishing. COLORISED is a supplier of exclusive products and solutions for interior finishing. The offer includes ecological, natural and hand-made products that combine sustainable development with high quality. A large part of the assortment are accessories and tools for the lighting and stretch ceilings industry.

All products below are designed and manufactured by GREENFILL3D but offered under the COLORISED brand, which has quickly become very recognizable in Poland, especially in the stretched ceiling industry.

Protective frames for switches and sockets

The first GREENFILL3D product offered under the COLORISED brand were protective frames for light switches and electrical sockets. They have a protective and aesthetic function. The products in this category are for users who want to add an original touch to their designed interiors. Traditional protective frames are very limited in terms of color – in our offer they come in a very large palette of colors (more than 100 unique colors) as well as can be covered with graphics – either proposed by us or proposed by the customer, which can be sent and commissioned.

In addition to choosing your own graphic design, it is possible to design a completely custom frame shape or add graphics with a unique QR code and company / facility / institution logo. They are a related product to LED frames.

The protective frames are made of eco-friendly materials:

  • corn starch-based bioplastic, which is a fully biodegradable and compostable material under industrial conditions, as defined by EN 13432; its bio-base is derived from non-GMO-free sources
  • a composite of bioplastic based on corn starch and raw organic materials such as wood, wheat bran or distillery stock
  • a bioplastic based on potato starch that is fully compostable at home or when buried in the soil
  • a composite bioplastic based on corn starch and a patented additive containing copper nanoparticles (antibacterial material, certified); the material is FDA-registered, eliminating more than 99.99% of fungi, viruses, bacteria and microorganisms; the material complies with EU standards No. 10/2011, No. 1935/2004 and No. 2023/2006.

Connectors for aluminum profiles for stretch ceiling

Connectors for aluminum profiles used for the installation of stretch ceilings made of PVC foil, as well as related ceiling systems. Traditional connectors for aluminum profiles have the form of cut and welded ends, which can also be made by the contractor on-site. Unfortunately, there is not always time for this, not everyone has the required tools (miter saw or welding machine) or can do it well (welding aluminum is not easy). On the other hand, aluminum profile connectors are a great help in creating light lines from LED strips, and purchasing a ready-made solution saves a lot of time.

COLORISED connectors are made of plastic and fit well to selected aluminum profiles. Why plastic instead of cutting and welding aluminum corners? Firstly, it is difficult to maintain repeatability and standardization. The quality of profile cutting and welding are crucial. Secondly, the profiles are always “raw”, so they need to be cleaned and the sharp elements reduced with a file. Thirdly, there is the problem of LED strips and soldering them or making holes in the profiles to create a “loop” and lead the LED further without cutting the strip.

In our solution, these problems do not exist because we have designed appropriate technical holes for mounting the LED strip, the sizes of the connectors are repeatable down to the millimeter, and there are no sharp edges because the way they are made of plastics naturally eliminates this defect. Achieving this effect required several months of work and dozens of prototypes, but thanks to this we managed to achieve all the assumed load requirements along with the proper holding of the grille.

Installing connectors to aluminum profiles is simple – just press a connector coated with foil gel adhesive onto the end of the aluminum profile or tighten it with a sheet metal screw.

Special tools for stretch ceilings

Special tools for the installation of stretch ceilings made of PVC film and fabric, as well as LED lighting installed in mounting profiles. Selected tools have the option of personalization, i.e. changing a key size (e.g. LEDLink, where the width of the mounting cavity can be adjusted to the width of the profiles and LED strip).

The COLORISED tools can also be tailored to the specific product on which they are to be applied. They can be designed with a special diameter, width, as well as shape and length specific to the mounting profile or LED strip. They can have specially increased strength, through the use of high-performance construction materials (e.g., resistance to high temperatures, chemical compounds or stresses).

C-Roller is a tool for fixing wall seals in aluminum profiles when tensioning ceiling fabrics. Can be personalized (different colors or imprint of your own logo).

LEDLink PRO is a tool for pasting LED strips into aluminum profiles for PVC film stretch ceilings. Default width for LED strip 8 mm. Other sizes available upon request. It has interchangeable tips, with an offset to the side. This allows easier installation of LED strips on profiles mounted in the corners connecting the ceiling to the wall.

Protective rings for stretch ceilings

Protective rings (so-called o-rings) are used to reinforce the surface of stretch ceilings at mounting holes for lighting, pipes, revisions and more.

We offer rings made of unique materials not available from other manufacturers:

  • rings made of ECO MATERIAL (biodegradable under industrial conditions), with a temperature resistance of 90°C
  • rings made of self-extinguishing material with UL94 V0 certification in accordance with IEC 60695-11-10.

By default, the protective rings come in white or black, but with ECO MATERIAL it is possible to order them in graphite, red or blue. In addition, it is possible to order protective rings in a different size (e.g. inner diameter ⌀100, but the edge is wide for example 1-2 cm) or shape (e.g. rectangle or hexagon or other). The maximum inner size of the customized protective ring is 30 cm XY.

If you are looking for more technical information, are interested in purchasing or commercial cooperation, or would like us to create something similar for you – contact us.
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