Vasenique is a line of painting vases intended for artists, visual artists, hobbyists and amateurs looking for innovative tools to develop their work. Designed by GREENFILL3D with painting in mind, the vases is not intended to come into contact with water – it is only used as an artistic application. Vases can be covered with any artistic-grade paints for applying to plastics and will work perfectly with foundations, sand structures, wax, antique powders and acrylic varnishes.

The vases are made of a bioplastic based on corn starch (polylactide PLA). Polylactide is a fully biodegradable and compostable material under industrial conditions specified in the EN 13432 standard. The bio-base comes from non-genetically modified sources (GMO-free). Since polylactide is a bioplastic with relatively low temperature resistance (at temperatures above 60°C / 140°F it begins to plasticize and may be deformed) high temperatures should be avoided. This is particularly important in the case of decorations that require curing in ovens, such as stained glass paints.

GREENFILL3D vases can be covered with any artist-grade paints for applying to plastics – acrylic paints are preferred. The vase can be varnished with artistic grade varnishes (with exception to high temperatures described above).

Vasenique vases painted and photographed by Emilia Łuczywek from Duszą Malowane.

By default, the vases have no utility function, i.e. pouring water or other liquids may cause leaks on their surface or the bottom may become detached. To give it a functional function, a separate container made of plastic, ceramics or glass should be placed inside it, which can be filled with water or another liquid.

The surface of the Vasenique vases can be ground or polished, but after using abrasive tools, permanent marks will remain on its surface, which can only be hidden with a primer, colored varnish, paint or plastic mass. Grinding the surface of the vase using power tools is possible, but only at very low speed of the device and with little pressure. Too strong/deep grinding of the surface of the vase with a power tool may cause permanent damage (friction resulting from grinding may increase the temperature and cause uncontrolled softening of the material).

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