We design and produce both marketing and advertising materials, as well as everyday items, useful gadgets and interior design elements. All projects are made of biodegradable or bio-compostable materials, in accordance with the ideas of zero-waste and the Circular Economy.

With the help of additive technologies, we can make individual items at the Customer's request or produce short production series in the number of several dozen, several hundred or even over a thousand items - it all depends on the size of the items or the complexity of their geometry (and, of course, your budget).

Our design proposal is often just a starting point to create a unique and fully personalized product. On the basis of conversations with Customers, our designers prepare designs which, after corrections and approval, are produced from the selected material in a given volume.

Manufactured items may consist of one or more parts. For example, the following advertising stands consist of 34 elements each - they are separately 3D printed, packed and segregated and sent to the customer in a version for simple and quick self-assembly.

Below we present examples of everyday items. They were 3D printed from three different materials: GF3D Branfill3d (wheat bran material), BioWOOD (wood powdered material) and BioCREATE (compostable material).

IMPORTANT: The following products are not for sale and are based on free open-source projects. Each photo has information about the author of the project. We support independent creators and encourage you to do the same.

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