We invent, design and manufacture our own products as well as support Clients in the development of their projects. Our competences cover all areas of additive manufacturing – from fully optimized design, through the selection of appropriate materials, to fast and profitable production. We are not a “typical service company”, but a manufacturer of sustainable products operating in various sectors and industries. We are eco friendly 3D printing company, using bioplastics and low-emission 3D printers.

Due to the great diversity of the nature of our products and the market sectors they are targeted at, we have grouped them into separate brands under which they are offered.

Discover our brands:

Eco products for luxurious interiors. Product portfolio includes: ECO Lamp shades, luxury furniture, tools and accessories for interior finishing industry, protective frames for electric switches and sockets and many more.

Clever solutions for professional photographers. Set of tools and gadgets used in photo studios and during sessions – wall mounting systems for hanging photographic lampshades or tripods and many more.

An easy-to-install and transport-friendly system of advertising stands (POS). Designed to be made on 3D printers from biodegradable or compostable bioplastics. The first ECO POS was made of wheat bran-based material, which was a waste from pasta production.

A collection of pet urns and memorials made of biodegradable or compostable eco-materials. They combine high style and quality with sustainability. Made using eco friendly 3D printing.

Painting vases intended for artists, visual artists, hobbyists and amateurs looking for innovative tools to develop their work. Vases can be covered with any artistic-grade paints for applying to plastics.

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