Memorialise is a collection of eco-friendly pet urns that offer a unique and respectful way to commemorate the life of your beloved pet. Created using 3D printing technology, these urns are crafted from environmentally conscious materials that are either biodegradable or compostable, ensuring they return to the earth gently.

The Memorialise urns are primarily composed of a potato starch-based material, recognized for its home compostable properties. This innovative material has received certification from TÜV Austria, affirming its environmental credentials. Upon interment in soil, the biodegradation timeline can vary, influenced by factors such as the urn’s geometry, wall thickness, and the composting conditions. In optimal environments, such as a well-maintained composter teeming with flora and fauna, the decomposition process can span from a few weeks to several months.

In addition to the potato starch-based option, we also offer urns made from Polylactic Acid (PLA), one of the most widespread bioplastics globally. This material allows for an extensive array of customization options, with over 100 colors and finishes available.

Our urns are designed to honor all pet species and breeds, offering extensive personalization to reflect your pet’s individuality. This includes the selection of the urn itself, as well as the design of the base or monument upon which it rests. Each piece is thoughtfully engineered, considering both the emotional significance for the pet owner and the environmental impact, promising a fitting and sustainable tribute to your cherished companion.

If you are looking for more technical information, are interested in purchasing or commercial cooperation, or would like us to create something similar for you – contact us.
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