Full Color UV LED Printing

We have full-color UV LED printing technology, which allows us to apply graphics, markings, texts, symbols or Braille to a wide variety of surfaces: metal, wood, glass, stone and ceramics, plastics, leather, cork or even wax (candles). Our equipment allows us to print with a 2.5D effect on flat, curved and fully round (tubular) surfaces. UV LED printing is not closely related to 3D printing – printing services can be performed independently on applications provided by customers.


Full-color UV printing on metals – perfect for decorative applications or marking machine parts.


Full-colour UV printing on wooden surfaces – boxes, packaging, decorative accessories.


Full-color UV printing on flat or round glass products – bottles, dishes, cups. Print with semi-transparent effect.

Stone & ceramics

Full-color UV printing on flat or round ceramics products – bottles, dishes, cups, as well as urns.

Full color UV print

We use full-color UV LED printing technology, which complements the eco friendly 3D printing offer. The print can be applied to flat and rounded surfaces. The print can be applied with a low layer or multiple layers, creating a phenomenal 2.5D effect.

By default, UV printing creates a very delicate coating on the surface of a 3D print or other part – its thickness is hundredths of a millimeter. Therefore, in the case of biodegradation or composting of the bioplastic on which the print has been applied, it has little to none significance for the entire process.

The color can be applied on flat surfaces, differentiated from each other by a maximum height of 5 mm. The greater the distance of the surface from the nozzle, the lower the graphic resolution. We also have technology that enables UV printing on round or cylindrical surfaces. They can be smooth or textured. The geometry of the cylinder may be straight (tubular) or conical.

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