Experts in Sustainable Additive Manufacturing

We have been operating in industrial 3D printing for over a decade, and for the past three years we have specialised in its ecological aspects: sustainable materials, low-energy manufacturing and reducing the carbon footprint. We invent our own eco-materials, as well as develop and implement eco-materials from our partners. We search for innovative solutions in the field of bioplastics and recyclates. But we always think about the final implementation – a truly ecological parts and products.

Green 3D Printing for Sustainable Manufacturing

We design and produce sustainable products from ecological materials. We use biodegradable and compostable bioplastics based on natural raw substances, as well as recycled materials. We follow the principles of the Circular Economy and Zero-Waste.

Made in Europe

All manufacturing processes takes place in Poland (UE). We use only materials made in Europe. All raw natural ingredients used to produce bioplastics have been grown in Poland.

Circular Economy

We use secondary raw materials. We recover waste from food production (wheat bran). If something can be reused, we don’t throw it away.


We only use bioplastics that are compostable (in home composters or in the soil) or biodegradable (in the natural or industrial environment) after their period of use.

Low-emission manufacturing

We only use low-emission 3D printers. Our 3D printing farm uses several times less electricity than classic production lines.

Towards Zero Waste

The products we make are designed to leave as little waste as possible. We design things that are environmentally superior to CNC milling or injection molding.

Environmentally responsible

We place great emphasis on ecological issues. We only offer environmentally friendly solutions, paying particular attention to the materials from which they are made, their origin and production methods.


We implement 3D printing in manufacturing companies.
We support companies operating in the 3D printing industry.

For 11 years, we have been co-creating the European 3D printing market. We have helped dozens of companies in the industry to enter it. We have implemented 3D printing in hundreds of companies, schools and universities. We have trained over 1,000 people.

Now we will be happy to help you.

Services for manufacturing companies, scientific institutions and education

We provide comprehensive services including: 3D printing, full-color UV printing (on surfaces such as metal, glass, wood, plastic, leather and others) and whole product manufacturing processes (from design to finished application). Regardless of the technology used, we always strive to make it as environmentally friendly as possible.

3D printing services

We are experts in Additive Manufacturing with over a decade of experience in this area. Our competences include all the most significant 3D printing methods – FDM/FFF, SLA/DLP, PolyJet, SLS/MJF, PBF/SLM/DMP/DMLS, BinderJetting and bioprinting. We also have great experience in creating and developing own materials for 3D printing eg. for FDM / FFF and bioprinting techniques. We provide ECO friendly 3D printing services using biodegradable or recycled 3D printer filaments.

Full color UV printing

We have full-color UV LED printing technology, which allows us to apply graphics, markings, texts, symbols or Braille to a wide variety of surfaces: metal, wood, glass, stone and ceramics, plastics, leather, cork or even wax (candles). Our equipment allows us to print with a 2.5D effect on flat, curved and fully round (tubular) surfaces. UV LED printing is not closely related to 3D printing – printing services can be performed independently on applications provided by customers.

Comprehensive manufacturing of sustainable products

We invent, design and manufacture our own products as well as support Clients in the development of their projects. Our competences cover all areas of additive manufacturing – from fully optimized design, through the selection of appropriate materials, to fast and profitable production. We are not a “typical service company”, but a manufacturer of sustainable products operating in various sectors and industries. We are eco friendly 3D printing company, using bioplastics and low-emission 3D printers.

We Make Products. We Make Parts. And We Make Them GREEN.


GREENFILL3D design and manufacture parts and finished products using 3D printing technology and bioplastics or recycled materials. We search for ecological alternatives to popular plastics, which are extremely difficult or impossible to dispose of. Our mission is to replace so called “forever plastics” with eco friendly alternatives and use them where they have significant advantage.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Łódź, Central Poland (EU). We have over 70 3D printers adapted to continuous work with various kinds of special eco-filaments doped with natural raw ingredients like wheat bran, wood, algae, flax or hemp, as well as recycled filaments like rPLA, rPETG among others. 3D printers are modified and rebuilt by us to handle serial production – thousands parts per month, depending on the size and geometry.

GREENFILL3D was established in 2021, while its team originates from CD3D, operating in the area of additive manufacturing since January 2013.

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