Natural Materials for Green Manufacturing

We develop innovative solutions for the additive manufacturing, based on natural materials. Our goal is to implement the zero-waste ideas into 3D printing and create new eco-friendly standards in the creation of everyday items.

GF3D Branfill Filament

We have created the world's first filaments for 3D printing based on wheat bran. Our product is fully biodegradable and based on the Circular Economy concept.

Green AM

We are 3D printing provider – our manufacturing offer includes the production of POS products, everyday items and functional parts using green, biodegradable materials of natural origin.

Our products

We design and offer our own products that are decorations, accessories for various utility items and interior design elements. We also design applications from scratch on special request.


3D printing opens the door to a whole new way of thinking about the production of everyday items. However, we must remember to maintain the balance between satisfying the customers needs and protecting the natural environment.

Although the concept of ZERO-WASTE has been functioning in the minds of people for many years, so far no one has come up with a reasonable idea to implement it in the field of 3D printing. We're going to change that.
We believe that we are all responsible for the future of our planet. Therefore, we are looking for solutions that will allow for sustainable business development and minimizing the impact of industry on the natural environment.

We want to share our solutions with individuals and companies that are aware of the responsibility for the natural environment. Together, we will try to develop solutions that will reduce the generated waste and enable the replacement of materials from non-renewable energy sources with composites based on natural ingredients.

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