Sustainable Additive Manufacturing

We Make Products. We Make Parts.
And We Make Them GREEN.

3D printing of sustainable, eco-friendly products, using environmentally friendly materials.

Green 3D Printing for Sustainable Manufacturing

We design and make sustainable products from ecological materials. We use biodegradable or compostable bioplastics based on natural raw substances. We always follow the principles of the Circular Economy and Zero-Waste.

Made in Europe

All our products are manufactured by us in Poland (UE), using only materials produced in Europe. All manufacturing services are provided by us.

Circular Economy

We use secondary raw materials. We recover waste from food production (wheat bran). If something can be reused, we don’t throw it away.


We only use bioplastics that are compostable (in home composters or in the soil) or biodegradable (in the natural or industrial environment) after their period of use.

GREENFILL3D 3D printing

Low-emission manufacturing

We only use low-emission 3D printers. Our 3D printing farm uses several times less electricity than classic production lines.

Towards Zero Waste

The products we make are designed to leave as little waste as possible. We design things that are environmentally superior to CNC milling or injection molding.

Environmentally responsible

We place great emphasis on ecological issues. We only offer environmentally friendly solutions, paying particular attention to the materials from which they are made, their origin and production methods.

We help manufacture sustainable products

We have over a decade of experience in the area of Additive Manufacturing, which we use every day to create our own, proprietary products, as well as to develop products for our Clients.

We design brand new or optimize already existing products, as well as advise on the selection of appropriate ecological biomaterials that will make them more sustainable.

If you are looking for a proven partner who will help you optimize the production costs of products and make them more ecological than ordinary plastic, cardboard or plywood – use the button below and contact us. We will definitely help…

Discover our products

Over the years, we have created a number of products in various areas of industries and applications. Although differ in practically everything, they have two common features: they are 3D printed and made of ecological bioplastics – biodegradable or compostable. Most of them are offered under COLORISED brand (owned by GREENFILL3D).



An original line of lamp shades developed under the COLORISED brand. ECO Lamps offer unique shapes and colors found nowhere else, while materials from which they are made, are based on natural raw materials such as potato starch or wheat bran. All ECO Lamp shades we offer are fully biodegradable in industrial conditions or compostable in home conditions.

COLORISED Clever Photo

Clever Photo Accessories by COLORISED

Collection of “clever” accessories for professional photographers under brand. A set of tools and gadgets used in photo studios and during sessions. The product offer includes wall mounting systems for hanging photographic lampshades or tripods, systems for creating small photographic backgrounds for product photography and multifunctional camera grips among others.


Protective frames by COLORISED

Protective frames for light switches or electrical sockets have a protective and aesthetic function. They can be covered with full-color graphics using UV technology. Thanks to this, it is possible to add a unique QR code and company logo. Protective frames are made of ecological materials:
bioplastic based on corn starch, wheat bran or stillage as well as potato starch.

GREENFILL3D 3D printing

Connectors for mounting profiles by COLORISED

Connectors for aluminum profiles for the installation of stretch ceilings made of PVC foil as well as related ceiling systems. The connectors are made of heat resistant bioplastic and fit well to the selected aluminum profiles. They have appropriate technical holes for mounting LED strips. Installing connectors to aluminum profiles is simple, however they only receive target stiffening between the aluminum profiles.

GREENFILL3D 3D printing

Special tools for stretch ceilings by COLORISED

Special tools for the installation of stretch ceilings made of PVC foil and fabrics, as well as LED lighting installed in mounting profiles. Selected tools have the option of personalization and changing the key size. We have a tool for attaching wall seals to aluminum profiles when stretching ceiling fabrics and a tool for pasting LED strips to aluminum profiles for stretched ceilings made of PVC foil.

GREENFILL3D 3D printing

Protective rings for stretch ceilings by COLORISED

Protective rings are used to strengthen the surface of stretch ceilings in places of mounting holes for lighting, pipes, inspections and others. By default, the protective rings are white or black, but it is possible to order them in graphite, red or blue. Additionally, it is possible to order protective rings in a different size or shape. They have high temperature resistance and in case of material change – flame resistance.

GREENFILL3D 3D printing


In 2021 we have created the world’s first 3D printing material based on wheat bran. The wheat bran used in material is a waste in the pasta production process. Using it, we 3D print advertising stands that are used to display pasta in large-format stores. The ECO POS system ensures full eco-friendliness of the production process and easy and quick assembly in the store or event area.

GREENFILL3D 3D printing


Memorialise is a collection features beautifully crafted statuettes and memorials made from the finest materials, designed to last a lifetime. Our statuettes and memorials are made with the finest eco-friendly materials and designed to stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful keepsake for your home or a special place in your garden, we have something for every pet and every pet parent.

GREENFILL3D 3D printing

Painting Vases for Artists by VASENIQUE

Painting vases are a product intended for artists, visual artists, hobbyists and amateurs looking for innovative tools to develop their work. Designed with painting in mind, they serve as a base for unprecedented artistic applications. Vases can be covered with any artistic-grade paints for applying to plastics and will work perfectly with foundations, sand structures, wax, antique powders and acrylic varnishes.


GREENFILL3D is a company making products using eco filaments. We design and manufacture applications in 3D printing technology using bioplastics or recycled materials. We search for ecological alternatives to popular plastics, which are extremely difficult or impossible to dispose of. Our mission is to replace so called “forever plastics” with eco friendly filaments and use them where they have significant advantage.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Łódź, Central Poland (EU). We have over 70 3D printers adapted to continuous work with various kinds of special eco-filaments doped with natural raw ingredients like wheat bran, wood, algae, flax or hemp, as well as recycled filaments like rPLA, rPETG among others. 3D printers are modified and rebuilt by us to handle serial production – thousanda parts per month, depending on the size and geometry.

GREENFILL3D was established in 2021, while its team originates from CD3D, operating in the area of additive manufacturing since January 2013.

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