We implement 3D printing in manufacturing companies.
We support companies operating in the 3D printing industry.

We have helped dozens of companies in the industry to enter it. We have implemented 3D printing in hundreds of companies, schools and universities. We have trained over 1,000 people.

We have been associated with 3D printing for over 11 years – since January 2013. During this time, we have been the main architects of the Polish 3D printing industry, supporting the debuts and subsequent development of all the leading companies in this sector in Poland. At the same time, we have helped companies, schools and universities implement additive technology through consulting, training and consultations.


Assistance in selecting the best 3D printing technology for a manufacturing or service company. Review of possible solutions in the context of the client’s needs and the investment budget.

3D Printing Marketing

Creating a company’s marketing strategy and helping to implement it. Designing advertising campaigns based on the Internet and outdoor activities (fairs, events, conferences).

Press Releases

Creating professional press releases and marketing content for websites. Helping distribute press releases to industry media worldwide.

Websites and social media presence

Website audit, SEO and PageSpeed ​​optimization, as well as creating new websites based on WordPress. Help and consultations in the area of ​​social media (mainly LinkedIn).


How to succeed in the 3D printing market?

For over 11 years, we have been providing consulting and advisory services, as well as conducting training in 3D printing. Our clients include both large corporations and enterprises, as well as individuals planning to start a business in the area of ​​additive technologies. Cooperation can be permanent – framework, or limited to a single service.

We help companies understand the benefits of implementing 3D printing in the structures of the organization and adapt 3D printing technology to specific needs. We ensure full confidentiality in the activities carried out. Our services are used by both large manufacturing companies and state or local government institutions. Our consulting services include:

– assistance in choosing 3D printing technology
– assistance in starting a business in the 3D printing industry
– assistance in choosing a 3D printer
– part audit – determining which of them are suitable for 3D printing and what savings can be achieved by changing the technology?

The 3D printing industry has a very specific nature. Due to patent policy, specific technological solutions are closely related to specific companies. Often, the choice of technology is associated with the selection of a specific supplier. We cooperate with the vast majority of companies in the Polish 3D printing industry, but we are not associated with any specific manufacturer or distributor. Therefore, we can completely objectively and impartially help in choosing the best possible solution.

Sometimes during the consultation process we recommend that Client should refrain from purchasing 3D printers and instead use the services of a 3D printing shop or abandon 3D printing technology altogether.

3D Printing Marketing

Regardless of your career in 3D printing, we have nearly a decade of experience in sales marketing. We help companies create effective advertising strategies and implement them in local or international markets. Our services have been used by leading companies in the 3D printing industry.

Press Releases

During 11 years of running the largest 3D printing portal in Central Europe, we have gained vast experience in creating professional press publications, which were published both on our portal and in the largest industry media in the world. We have significant competences in PR and product marketing.

Websites and social media presence

We have over two decades of experience in designing and implementing websites. Our history with web development began in 2004 – at the exact same time as Facebook was founded. We have produced hundreds of websites – including all of our media. We advise and help design websites as well as support the presence of companies on social media. We specialize in LinkedIn.

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