Rebranding, change of headquarters and expansion of the offer

We are pleased to announce that we just made a number of changes in our corporate image and operational activities. Our visual identification has changed – our logo has been simplified, and the previous, bright colours have been replaced with more subdued, business-like ones. We have changed our headquarters – we have moved from the city center to its outskirts, which will have a positive logistical aspect. We finally expanded our service offering and highlighted elements that were underemphasized. Let’s start…

1. Change of visual identification

Since mid-2021, our logo consisted of a leaf symbol and our name. The colors were green and gold. At the turn of last year and this year, we made a subtle change, giving up the gold color, and changing to a gradient – from light green to dark green. This color scheme corresponded to our activity at that time – concentration on advertising applications and interior finishing, with an emphasis on ecology and bioplastics.

Over time, however, we began to implement more and more technical, industrial and even military projects, to which this “cheerful and colorful” identification no longer really fit. We still remain faithful and committed to ecological materials, but more and more often we are going beyond the bioplastic doctrine to recyclates.

Hence another change – in place of the leaf, particles of materials appear, representing both raw bioplastic components and recyclate waste. The colors have become darker and “more serious” – professional and corporate. More expressive.

We also changed our website a little bit, adapting it to the new colors and style.

2. Change of headquarters

From the very beginning, our companies have been based in Łódź – one of the three largest cities in Poland, located in its very center. Unfortunately, Łódź has one quite significant disadvantage – it is very congested, which results from the historical development of the city. Our previous location – the absolute center, although very prestigious, was problematic in terms of access. Especially for Customers visiting us from other cities.

Additionally, we were located in a historic building, on the second floor. We used an old, historic, industrial elevator, which, due to its failure to meet today’s safety standards, is to be decommissioned. So there was a real risk that in a few months – in the event of any move or change, we would have to take our entire machine park manually from the second floor. It was really the last moment to move…

The new headquarters is not as spectacular, but it is perfectly connected with the rest of the country (and Europe). We are located right next to the airport, on the S14 exit route, which connects with two main highways in Poland (North-South and East-West). So logistically we have a fantastic place.

3. Offer expansion

First of all, we added consulting services, which we have been providing for over 11 years. We support both companies that are entering 3D printing technology, as well as companies that are already in this industry, and we can support them with marketing or PR. As part of the previous company (CD3D – publisher of the Centrum Druku 3D portal), we supported practically all companies operating on the Polish 3D printing market in this way – both local companies (Zortrax, Sinterit, 3DGence, Spectrum Group etc.) and foreign ones (3D Systems, Stratasys, Materialise, HP, Formlabs etc.).

Secondly, we highlighted full-color UV LED printing. This technology has been present in our company for two years, but we have never treated it as an independent service. This changes now. We invite you to cooperate in marking, branding and labeling products.

Thirdly, we decided not to continue the COLORISED project and all related product lines (ECO Lamps, photographic accessories, accessories for mounting stretch ceilings, and vases for artists). We focus on the production of parts for the industrial and military sectors. But we will continue to develop ecological materials – bioplastics and recyclates with all – if not stronger – commitment.

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