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ECO LAMPS made of wheat bran, compostable thermoplastic starch or PLA

Łódź, 25.09.2023 GREENFILL3D – Polish startup specializing in 3D printing of everyday products in line with the principles of a circular and zero-waste economy, created together with COLORISED – the platform for the interior design industry, an original line of lamps….

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GREENFILL3D sells the rights to the COLORISED brand to CD3D Sp. z o.o.

Łódź, 01.05.2023 At the beginning of the second quarter of 2023 GREENFILL3D announced the creation of a new product brand “COLORISED”, under which it produced lighting accessories. Now the company announces the sale of this brand to CD3D Sp. z o….

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GREENFILL3D starts cooperation with Copper3D, Grupa Azoty,Spectrum Filaments and ROSA 3D

Łódź, 03.04.2023 GREENFILL3D announces cooperation with four leading filament manufacturers to develop its line of lighting accessories under the COLORISED brand. With the materials provided by the Chilean Copper3D and three Polish companies: Grupa Azoty, Spectrum Filaments and ROSA 3D, GREENFILL3D…

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GREENFILL3D nominated in the 3D Printing Industry Awards in the Sustainability in Additive Manufacturing category

Łódź, 01.12.2022 GREENFILL3D – is nominated by the readers of the 3D Printing Industry website in the most prestigious awards of the global 3D printing industry – The 3D Printing Industry Awards 2022 in the Sustainability in Additive Manufacturing category. GREENFILL3D…

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GREENFILL3D eco filaments

GREENFILL3D 3D prints over 5000 parts in just 7 weeks

Łódź, 23.10.2022 Over 5000 parts 3D printed in 7 weeks. Half of the parts were made of biodegradable material based on wheat bran, the other half of pure PLA. That was the production of 140 of our award winning ECO POS…

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GREENFILL3D wins “ECOinvestor 2022 in the Food Industry” award and distinction at POS STARS 2022

Łódź, 23.09.2022 GREENFILL3D – Polish startup creating innovative biomaterials for 3D printing, based, among others, on wheat bran, won the “ECOinvestor 2022 in the Food Industry” award. The competition is organized by BIKOTECH – the publisher of AGRO Industry and Nowości Handlowe magazines, as well…

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GREENFILL3D eco filament

GREENFILL3D and Deckard Design join forces to produce 3D printed, full-color applications from natural materials

Łódź, 06.07.2022 Two Polish startups – GREENFILL3D and Deckard Design have developed a technology for applying 2.5D full-color prints to applications made of biodegradable bran material. The wheat bran used in the material is a waste resulting from the pasta production…

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Statement by representatives of the Polish 3D Printing Industry on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine

Warszawa, 14.03.2022 r. On March 14, 2021 at CIC Warsaw, located at VARSO PLACE at Chmielna Str. in Warsaw, representatives of the Polish 3D Printing Industry met to sign a joint statement on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Representatives of 13 companies…

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GREENFILL3D eco filament

PRESS RELEASE: When Zero-Waste Meets 3D Printing

Łódź, 03.02.2022 r. European start-up has created the world’s first 3D printing material based on wheat bran. The wheat bran used in material is a waste in the pasta and noodle production process. Using bran material, the start-up 3D printed advertising…

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GREENFILL3D qualified for the InNow / Interreg Project

Łódź, 27.12.2021 r. GREENFILL3D has been qualified for the InNow Project implemented under the Interreg EU program. The company’s representatives will take part in training courses conducted by international experts in the field of business development in the field of renewable…

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