GREENFILL3D qualified for the InNow / Interreg Project

GREENFILL3D has been qualified for the InNow Project implemented under the Interreg EU program. The company’s representatives will take part in training courses conducted by international experts in the field of business development in the field of renewable energies, ecology and Circular Economy. The company will also have a chance to establish cooperation with one of the leading companies in the CEE region.

Europe is changing fast towards a greener future and innovations are key factors to that change. And these are often startups and SMEs that lead on the path of both breakthrough or incremental innovations. Their much-wanted inventions can help to create a better, cleaner tomorrow. But for that purpose, leverage is needed. It can be offered by large corporations that operate in the market of energy and environment related markets. They are open for new solutions and for undertakings that offer them. 

Among companies taking part in the project are:

  • Veolia Group (Poland)
  • ZSE (Slovakia)
  • BPT d.o.o. (Slovenia)
  • Tungsram Group (Hungary)
  • HEP ESCO d.o.o. (Croatia).
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